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15 March 2011

Archives of the version 0.8 of the English speaking Wikipedia now available on the Okawix website

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We’ve got some news for you about Okawix, the off-line Wikipedia reader that was developed by the web company Linterweb, and whose search engine is our other program Wikiwix.

First of all, Linterweb is collaborating once again with the English speaking Wikipedia 1.0 community. The Wikipedia 1.0 project plans to implement content review, to produce a filtered snapshot of the English speaking Wikipedia, to publish a core set of articles thanks to a selection based on a combination of importance and quality. This project is still under way. A first 0.5 version containing a collection of almost 2,000 core articles has been released in April 2007. Then, another pre-version, the version 0.7, containing around 31,000 articles, was released quite a while ago. Well… The news is that the next version, the version 0.8, containing this time around 47,300 articles, has now been released in the form of a .okawix archive, so that you can download the .okawix archive of the version 0.8 through the use of the Okawix software, or directly from our website. Then the software Okawix will allow you to read the articles of the Wikipedia 0.8 off-line, or, among other things, to find specific articles with the help of our integrated Wikiwix search engine, …

Well, if you would like to learn more about Okawix, we encourage you to visit and read our blog, especially the article “Introduction to Okawix“.

Enjoy your time with Okawix!

Yours sincerely , Matthieu.

Linterweb is a web company that, for now several years, has been developing various Wikipedia oriented programs, including:

  • Wikiwix, a semantic web search engine that gives only results out of the databases of the Wikimedia Foundation projects; My Wikiwix, your own search engine for your own website;, a mobile version of Wikiwix;
  • Okawix, the offline Wikipedia browser free of copyrights and free of charge that allows you to read offline the articles of the various Wikimedia Foundation projects, as well as archives of your own website;
  • a DVD of around 2000 articles from the English speaking Wikipedia; a USB flash drive that contains the version 0.7 of the English speaking Wikipedia;
  • a program that archives the external web pages of the Wikipedia articles (that is, the web pages outside Wikipedia but linked from a Wikipedia article), so that their content remains available and that those external links don’t get broken; this program is used automatically, in particular, for all external links of the French speaking Wikipedia.

The version 0.8 of the English speaking Wikipedia on the archive download page of Okawix

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