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29 April 2011

Release of Okawix for Android

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I use Wikipedia quite a lot. Well, I mean… really a lot! Most of the time I can survive without Wikipedia. But there may also be some times when I feel quite disarmed without it. I need it a lot for my work, I use it also just for my own pleasure… Then I find it of course very convenient to be able to browse Wikipedia on my mobile phone. Anywhere, anytime…

Well, people like me may be interested to learn that our company, Linterweb, has just released an Android mobile version of Okawix, its off-line Wikipedia browser.

Indeed, as announced a few weeks ago, the version of Okawix for Android is now available.  It is thus now possible to take Wikipedia, or any sister project, with you in the pocket of your jacket, on your Android device, and to read it anywhere, at any time, even without possibility of Internet connection (in the train, in air planes, in Sahara, in Antarctic…).

The iPad and iPhone version should be released later this year.

You can install for free Okawix for Android at this address: or directly on the Android Market.

We hope to read your feed back soon, for instance on our blog!

Take care :-) Matthieu.

Linterweb is a web company that, for now several years, has been developing various Wikipedia oriented programs, including:

  • Wikiwix, a semantic web search engine that gives only results out of the databases of the Wikimedia Foundation projects; My Wikiwix, your own search engine for your own website;, a mobile version of Wikiwix;
  • Okawix, the offline Wikipedia browser free of copyrights and free of charge that allows you to read offline the articles of the various Wikimedia Foundation projects, as well as archives of your own website;
  • a DVD of around 2000 articles from the English speaking Wikipedia; a USB flash drive that contains the version 0.7 of the English speaking Wikipedia;
  • a program that archives the external web pages of the Wikipedia articles (that is, the web pages outside Wikipedia but linked from a Wikipedia article), so that their content remains available and that those external links don’t get broken; this program is used automatically, in particular, for all external links of the French speaking Wikipedia.
Android version of Okawix - French speaking Wikinews Main page

Android version of Okawix - French speaking Wikinews Main page

Cette note est également disponible en: French, German, Spanish


  1. Hi, CAN YOU PLEASE UPLOAD AN ENGLISH WIKIPEDIA WITH IMAGES TORRENT… You have the English Wikipedia torrent on your site, but it does not have images. Downloading the entire 30gb through the Okawix application is a real hassle – I downloaded about 8.5Gb then my internet got disconnected, and so have to download the entire thing again ( as, so far as I know, there is no way to resume uncompleted downloads in the Okawix application.)

    I would REALLY REALLY Appreciate if you could upload a torrent of the entire English Wikipedia with images.

    Thanks Much

    Comment by tydeus23 — 4 June 2011 @ 18:10

  2. Hi tydeus23, thanks for your suggestion.
    For the archive of the English Wikipedia with pictures available as a torrent, we don’t want to make it, because we fear to overload our torrent server.
    In the far future, we could implement a possibility to resume uncompleted downloads in Okawix, but we won’t make it in the near future, just because we currently have other priorities. But I add this idea of improvement to our list for latter…
    Thanks anyway :-/ Matthieu.

    Comment by Matthieu — 13 June 2011 @ 17:29

  3. Hi, same problem here. “overload our torrent server”? I don’t think that more files in seed will overload a server, at least you can put in torrent only wikipedia.en + images that is the biggest pack. And the resume download function is pretty easy for a software, you can implement it in an hour. I think those problem must have the frist priorities, as like for the content upgrade.

    Comment by Sophos — 29 July 2011 @ 21:09

  4. hello to wikiwix and linterweb lovers!
    the offline Wikipedia reader really is very nice project. thank you very much for working on this kind of project.
    i have a problem with android version of okawix. I’m using a fa.wikipedia file both of my pc and my android phone. the pc version is very nice and there is no problem with searching and reading any kind of article but in my phone when i tab on search button for some words i got this message: “the application okawix (process com.linterweb.lecteur) has stopped unexpectedly.”
    i want to ask how can i solve this problem. my android phone is Motorola milestone xt720. BTW sorry for my bad English.

    Comment by Naser — 17 September 2011 @ 10:54

  5. Hi guys! Any news about this problem? Let’s discharge the 30GB torrent idea. You can also split the 30GB pack in 30 parts (at least only for the english+images pack) of 1GB each one, upload them to a server and allow the direct download (that’s is really easy and possible). The resume function is obviously the best implemet for solve this issue (is not i big deal, like this
    Anyway, when (AND IF) i successfully download the 30GB pack i will split it and upload to some host and share it with the world…just easy as that: split, upload and share!

    “It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.”

    Comment by Sophos — 31 October 2011 @ 8:00

  6. Is there anyway to download the full english version outside of the app, then move it to the SD card? I tried to do it but couldn’t transfer a file that was over 4gb in size as the SD card maxes out at 4gb files.

    Comment by Leon — 21 November 2011 @ 5:58

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