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14 October 2009

Okawix is a free software.

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Hello everybody,

Recently we (I mean the people who work at Linterweb) have had the surprise to read here and there in a couple of comments or articles that Okawix would regrettably not be a free software. How and why this has been written, is for us great mystery.

Therefore, we’d like to make it completely clear that Okawix IS an absolutely and entirely free software… As free as a bird!!

Okawix, the off-line Wikipedia reader that has been developed by our company, Linterweb, was released officially on the 13th of July 2009, while Okawix’ source code was released on the 9th of the same month; that is, before Okawix’ publication…

More accurately, Okawix is available under the GPL version 2 License, (i.e., among other things, the software is free of copyright and free of charge, and anyone interested may view the source code at the address and edit it).

Okawix uses the Mozilla technologies (XUL / Javascript, XPCOM components written in C++) and can be run on the popular Linux operating system, as well as on the Windows or MacOS operating systems.

Okawix can be downloaded for free from Internet at the following address: If your connection is slow, our website allows you too to buy USB flash drives with on it Okawix and all articles of the various projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, in one or several languages of your choice (all of Wikipedia, all of Wikisource, 
 with the pictures).

It was worth to be said, wasn’t it?

So, have much free fun with our free Okawix software 🙂 take care, Matthieu.

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