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6 mai 2011

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

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Benefit #1: Affiliate Marketing is cost-effective.

Probably the biggest affiliate marketing benefit is that it is cost-effective. As a vendor, you save costs and resources and get a high ROI. The affiliate saves on storage, transportation, and other logistics costs because all they do is advertise.

Benefit #2: Affiliate Marketing is easy to set up with little or no investment.

You can start an affiliate program with little to no investment. Blogging makes up 65% of affiliate marketing activities, and it costs nothing. Letting others blog or review your product on their blog doesn’t cost you anything.

Bloggers, influencers, and review and comparison sites own their channels and websites and produce their own content. As an advertiser, you don’t need to provide advertising materials or launch campaigns yourself.

Benefit #3: Once set up, affiliate marketing requires low ongoing costs.

A benefit of affiliate marketing for a vendor is, you save on campaign advertising costs. Even if you decide to work with PPC affiliates or similar publishers and the asset creation is on you, your expenses remain relatively low compared to the return. Once the assets are produced, affiliates can customize and reuse them.

Benefit #4: Affiliate marketing programs generate high ROI.

16% of all online orders can be attributed to the affiliate industry. These are sales that involve minimum marketing expenses.

Also, payment is performance-based, so you don’t pay the affiliate for their effort or time. You only pay for results. Most affiliate payment models count conversions. The affiliate partner promotes your product or solution and receives a fee for every potential client they bring to your doorstep. In this concept, the affiliate is motivated to drive high results and you keep your spending low.

Benefit #5: The risk involved in affiliate marketing is low.

The main benefit of results-based payment models is risk minimization. As you pass the responsibility for publishing to the affiliate, you also pass on some of the risks. Marketing campaigns can be costly, and there’s no guarantee they’ll generate the return you hope for. The moment you invest less, you risk less, what does an affiliate manager do?

With affiliate marketing, you don’t put your money at risk but keep it until you see actual results. When you run an affiliate program, you set the rules so you can protect your brand name, reputation, copyright, etc. And if you hook up with affiliate companies or networks, you’ll do your research first to ensure their suitability.

Benefit #6: Affiliate Marketing allows you to reach additional audiences.

You open the doors to the affiliates’ audiences that would otherwise remain unreachable to you – or you’d have to invest considerable amounts of money and resources.

Another affiliate marketing benefit is that affiliates use their own channels and have their own followers, readership, or even members. The moment you hook up with an affiliate, you gain exposure in their network.

Let’s say you work with bloggers who write for a target audience that could potentially benefit from your product but don’t actively look for products online. The blogger, vlogger, or podcaster can reach those people with informative content. Or, if you don’t invest in a social media strategy, you can work with influencer affiliates with many followers on social media. Large affiliates often reach a general audience looking for deals and bargains.

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