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6 May 2011

An example with Wikimarks

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I’ve already introduced you to Wikimarks, through two articles. In the first one I explained you that Wikimarks is a customizable search engine, that it is run by (fr) Linterweb, and that it makes it possible to perform searches on social network and bookmarking accounts (Delicious, Netvibes, Twitter, Google Reader,, Digg, etc.). I told you too how Wikimarks works, how you can settle your own Wikimarks search engine, and how to use it once settled. In the second article I described you only but a few of the numerous possible applications of Wikimarks.
Today I’d like to provide you with a more detailed example of application: a Wikimarks engine searching on the official Twitter accounts of Google (there are dozens of them!!).
First, to build the Wikimarks search engine was very simple: we’ve just had to set up a Wikimarks account, then to log in into the account, and to set up our Wikimarks search engine by adding all Twitter accounts of Google to the list of the pages indexed by our search engine.
You can see and test the resulting Wikimarks-search engine here:!bookmarks%2FUser%2F200.
Let’s see an example: you’d like to get the list of all web pages speaking of Wikipedia and that have been tweeted by Google. Very easy: type Wikipedia in the search box and click on the Search button to display the result page:!bookmarks%2FUser%2F200&action=Wikipedia.
This way, you can easily know what Google tells about Wikipedia.
The current version of Wikimarks is still a beta version, and a lot has to be done yet, but we hope you’ll want to give it a try and let us know your feed back on our blog.
Take care 🙂 Matthieu.

Linterweb is a web company that, for now several years, has been developing various Wikipedia oriented programs, including:

  • Wikiwix, a semantic web search engine that gives only results out of the databases of the Wikimedia Foundation projects; My Wikiwix, your own search engine for your own website;, a mobile version of Wikiwix;
  • Okawix, the offline Wikipedia browser free of copyrights and free of charge that allows you to read offline the articles of the various Wikimedia Foundation projects, as well as archives of your own website;
  • a DVD of around 2000 articles from the English speaking Wikipedia; a USB flash drive that contains the version 0.7 of the English speaking Wikipedia;
  • a program that archives the external web pages of the Wikipedia articles (that is, the web pages outside Wikipedia but linked from a Wikipedia article), so that their content remains available and that those external links don’t get broken; this program is used automatically, in particular, for all external links of the French speaking Wikipedia.
  • …
Wikimarks result page

Result page of a search on the term Wikipedia with the Wikimarks search engine of the Twitter accounts of Google

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