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16 December 2009

My Wikiwix, the search engine that will fit you.

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You already know Wikiwix, the search engine run by the web company Linterweb that gives only results out of the databases of the Wikimedia Foundation projects.

Today, Linterweb is pleased to introduce you My Wikiwix. My Wikiwix, by using the technologies initially developed for the searches on the Wikimedia projects with Wikiwix, allows you to have a search engine for your own website.

To perform searches on your website, My Wikiwix, like Wikiwix, uses semantic search technologies, in order to generate more relevant results.

In addition, My Wikiwix allows you some control over the way in which the results are displayed by letting you create up to 255 categories ; you can then specify to which category a particular page belongs to, by the introduction of an invisible meta tag in the source code of this web page. You can also directly categorize all together a whole set of web pages whose URL complies with a particular pattern. Thereafter, with just one click, a search can be restricted to the pages of a particular category.

To set up your My Wikiwix search engine, you must first sign up on this web page:

Next, with the email address and the password that you have given for the registration, you’ll be able to log in and access to the creation form that allows you to ask for the set up of your My Wikiwix search engine.

Once your My Wikiwix search engine has been set up by our team, to connect you on this same web page will allow you to access the search engine management tools.

My Wikiwix is part of a set of web applications programmed by Linterweb, including the research engine Wikiwix, that performs its search exclusively amongst the articles of the Wikimedia foundation, the Wikipedia offline browser Okawix, and a DVD of around 2000 articles from the English speaking Wikipedia.

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